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Ten and Co Starburst Sponge Cloth

Ten and Co Starburst Sponge Cloth


These Swedish Sponge Cloths are not your average cleaning cloths.

They are loved because they’re:

Eco-Friendly: Crafted from natural materials, these sponge cloths are reusable, biodegradable, and a sustainable alternative to disposable paper towels.

Highly Absorbent: These cloths can absorb up to 15 times their weight in liquid, making them incredibly efficient for cleaning up spills and messes.

Versatile: From wiping down kitchen surfaces to cleaning glassware and even serving as a napkin, these sponge cloths are multi-purpose, making them a must-have in any household.

Durable: these cloths are built to last and can be reused for an extended period, saving both money and the environment.


Ten & Co. Sponge Cloths are made in Sweden and are locally designed by a small, female-led business.

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