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Home is Where My Suitcase Is

The smell of chlorine does not offend me and I don't care if there's room service. I'm very good at making anywhere a home. I've had more practice lately. I move into hotels for 3- 4 weeks at a time, for work.

So, here's What I Pack:

Ear Plugs

There will always be some sort of hockey/baseball tournament. Trust me when I say those aren't people you want to confront in the hallway at 3 am. You will lose.

A Yoga Mat

If you plan on working out in your room don't lay down without one. The carpet is compromised. In most three star hotels the carpet's alive. I promise you that. Lululemon makes really nice, durable and lightweight mats in different colours.

A Playlist

If you're staying with friends and the beds seem reasonably stable... Ignore me. I'm irresponsible.


There could be a vending machine but you can only live like that for so long. Water, veggies, fruit, cheese, hummus, salsa, nachos, juice and something fizzy.


If you follow me closely you will know that nothing comes between me and my Ugg Scuffette Slippers. Except for my mom who keeps trying to steal them. These are great when you're too lazy to put on shoes but want coffee from the lobby.

A Humidifier

Not every hotel will have a window that opens and some haven't always been smoke free. I love my Saje Wellness Aroma Om Diffuser which is a small humidifier that only makes white noise. Saje has also developed a variety of essential oil blends that you can add to the water.


I store all liquids in Sephora's Beauty on The Fly Bags for carry-on and travel-sized creams, liquids, aerosols etc. Nothing's worse than having your clothes and shoes covered in face wash. Unless you're staying somewhere like Soho House (Cowshed anyone?!) or the Thompson Hotel where everything is amazing, you'll be handed some sort of medieval device if you forget to pack a razor... or nothing at all.

The majority of inexpensive hotels no longer offer conditioner... Not sure what that's about but I recommend trying Kevin Murphy Mini shampoo and conditioner. They're sulphate free and come in a variety of different formulas depending on your hair type. I'm using their Plumping Wash & Rinse currently.


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