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Correct + | A Natural Solution to Undereye Darkness, Acne Scars and Redness

The request I receive most when applying makeup is to correct darkness around the eyes. The second is to minimize the apperance of acne scars or current breakouts.

Anyone who has experienced undereye darkness, acne or extreme redness knows how self-concious this can make a person feel, particularly when they're in public or know they're going to be on camera.

Many of my clients have resorted to tear trough fillers, a treatment I don’t offer. They can be painful, expensive and the results are only temporary. I think its important to offer natural alternatives for the sake of everyones health and bank accounts.

Here is my first suggestion. Drink water. Drink more water than you do now. Everyone thinks they drink a lot. They don't.

For every caffinated beverage you consume, you lose at least one glass of water that you've had that day. For every salty snack you enjoy, you lose another. Drink more water.

If that doesn't work for you-- here is a topical solution: Fitglow Beauty Correct +

This is a colour corrector in liquid form which means unlike cream based makeup (that can sit on the skin like a thick pancake base) it's incredibly blendable but still offers the coverage you'll need to knock out darkness and imperfections. Loaded with the same level of plant actives as professional eye creams, this corrector combats skin concerns like pigmentation and dullness while evening out skin tones.

Correct+ comes in multiple shades depending on your specific concern. Many clients freak out when they see colours this pigmented and un-natural. Please know that these formulas go under foundations and/or concealers and they're very easy to apply once you know what you're doing.

Most people respond " But I don't know what I'm doing!". That's who this post is for!

There are five colours. No matter how tired you are you do not need all five correct + formulas.

Correct+ Eyebright - is a super concentrated colour corrector with light yellow undertones that revives tired-looking eyes.

Correct+ Peach - is a colour corrector formulated to combat purple/blue/red discolouration, dark circles and spots.

Correct+ Deep Peach - is a deeper colour corrector formulated to combat purple/blue/red discolouration, dark circles and spots.

Correct+ Red - is an ultra-pigmented, red/orange colour corrector formulated to minimize dark circles and neutralize uneven skin tone.

Correct+ Green - is a super concentrated colour corrector with green hues to help neutralize redness, blemishes and scarring.

If you prefer a visual rather than text, here are photos (before and after) demonstrating how and which Correct+ formula can be used.

Very little of this product is needed to correct dark circles and blue veins. It goes on smooth and can be applied with fingers or a small flat brush to gently diffuse it. I reccomend using a brush to apply the product rather than the applicator especially if your skin is acne prone because otherwise you will contaminate the applicator and all of the remaining product in the tube.

Patrice Boudreau makes the best concealer brush for exactly this! I keep all of his brushes in my makeup kit for good reason. They work really well and they last.

If you prefer to apply makeup with your hands make sure they're very clean. I suggest you also wash them between your correct+ application and the application of your foundation.

Correct + also contains caffeine to help brighten and eliminate puffiness, pomegranate extract to smooth and hydrate the skin and white tea (a potent antioxidant) to help fight off free radical damage and improve skin elasticity.

If you suffer from bluish under-eye circles and correct with a peach-colored concealer, the circles won't look as dark. Peach neutralizes blue.

Does this product crease in fine lines? Only if you use too much. The formula is concentrated so I reccomend that you use very little and build up the coverage slowly, as needed.

Any product no matter how great, can crease if you use too much and/or don't prep your skin for makeup. If you're oily, dry or mature and you want your makeup to last and look it's best you'll need to prime. You can do this with a moisturizer or an actual primer. I like Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre on skin types that are mature and dry. For people who are acne prone and dehydrated I love a very thin layer of Egyptian Magic Cream under makeup.

Deep peach corrector+ is ideal for correcting dark, blue or green tones found under the eyes of tan and rich skin tones. It also helps to correct the pigmentation caused by ageing or sun damage.

On dark skin tones, under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation can appear to have purple and blue hues. Correct + Red cancels those tones so you're better able to conceal them.

Green Correct + is also helpful to those who suffer from mild rosaeca and chronic sensititives and want to minimize the redness they experience. Green neutralizes everything. It is a key component in basic colour theory. When you layer a green product over a red blemish, it will neutralize the color.

Many brands (and professional makeup artists) will tell you that as long as you're using high end, professional makeup you will get enough coverage, that is not always the case.

Often times, makeup artists are scared that their beloved foundations will allow hints of green to show through and given the choice they would have you appear red or a blemish to show and be corrected later (either in post or by your wedding photographer).

I tend to use light green correct+ on light to medium skin tones and a seperate sponge or makeup brush between correct+ and the clients concealer/foundation. You do not mix any of the correct+ formulas into your concealer or foundation, they are designed to be layered over top of your primer or moisturizer and underneath your makeup.

Click here to see this product used in real life. The before and after results are shocking and impressive.

*There are many artists who have not worked with enough people of colour or with clients who have severe acne, scarring (and other skin conditions) to have confidence in using a corrector. Don't let that disuade you.

**Darker skin tones may require a darker shade of green, in which case I also reccomend this Makeup Forever Palette or the MAC Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palettes.

These two options are unfortunately not made of organic ingredients but they do work.


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