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My Organic Spray Tan Experience

Let us begin by addressing the fact that I am pale. In the winter this becomes more evident. My background is a mixture of French and Irish. I don’t burn easily but I freckle. I'm also vain and educated when it comes to skincare so I avoid being exposed to the sun as best I can. But nothing makes me feel sexier than a good tan. I love the look, and so I tried Sunday Organic while visiting Toronto for what will be known as my working vacation. Keep in mind that the city can be dangerous. I did my research when choosing the right place to trust. If you’re going to get naked in front of a stranger (for any reason) you want to be sure they are legitimate. First Impressions

The building in which this business operates is in a safe and secure area. Its address is forwarded to you at your time of booking for the safety of both the client and beauty professional. Smart! The space is open, calm and inviting. It's obvious much thought has gone into the making of this business and that its owner has a solid client list. There is a place to rest and protect your clothes from the spray, a candle burning softly and the service room is immaculately clean. *I arrived wearing loose dark clothing and exfoliated/waxed 24 hours before the service so the tan would go on smoothly.

It’s super important to keep your skin hydrated after this process to help maintain the tan. You want to avoid dryness and flaking.

Jordann herself is confident, personable and clearly not phased by nudity. There was not a moment of awkwardness during the process. I felt no shame in my skin. Her vibe is super kind and positive. I’d compare her professionalism to that of a doctor who sees everything. She isn’t there to judge where your stretch marks start and end. The Process

I booked the Express Tan which allows you to shower within 90 minutes. You are guided through a series of movements that ensure your entire body will be covered evenly. I asked that I be given a “natural glow: for fear of the Friends episode when Ross gets a spray tan that goes terribly wrong.

The spray is cold but refreshing and seemed to be applied quickly in a circular motion. You might feel a tad silly standing in your skivvies (if you choose to wear them) with your hands in the air but trust its for the best.

It took Jordann about ten minutes to apply and despite this sounding speedy, she pays great attention to detail. I was slightly sticky but only for a moment before I was dried with warm air. There was a soft scent of fake tan but nothing offensive I actually quite liked it. After my shower, the scent was gone completely but my tan remained. I have only one tan line (by choice) that reminds me of the Coppertone kid. It’s super cute and also fun to see the difference between the tan and your natural skin colour.

The Result

I was shocked by how natural the tan appears. I’m a makeup artist who spends a lot of time encouraging clients not to bake in the sun or tanning beds for fear of skin cancer and that they will prematurely age. It is my mission to teach people that a real tan has a red base — you should not look orange. If there is a harsh line on your body or face it doesn't you look thinner, it is evidence that you don’t know how to blend. A streaking orange contour makes people look older and downright ridiculous.

I felt as though I looked much healthier and more toned. Even if its an illusion I’ll take it. I quickly showered four hours after the service and definitely noticed the excess come off in the tub. The tan did not stain the porcelain or the curtain, in fact, it did not stain my towels, my sheets or any of my clothes. It’s been three days now (the tan is supposed to last approximately one week). The colour has faded slightly (I’ve showered twice since the application) and I’m super happy with the results. Final Verdict

I highly recommend this service and this business. I will be attending the premier of the film Goalie ( the story of Canadian Hockey Legend Terry Sawchuk) this week in Toronto and feel this was the perfect pick me up to enhance my skin and outfit, especially if I am photographed. It was approximately two weeks before my tan had faded completely! I would also want to have this done before a reunion, wedding or if I was traveling to a warm destination!

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