I'm Not Snobby. I Can't See You

If you've waved and I've ignored you in the past 12 months, I'm sorry. I bought a lot of shoes when I really needed glasses. It's that or I don't like you. Buying glasses is a challenge. I suggest you bring a friend. You will need them. You cannot trust the lady who works there. You won't know what looks good if you can't see what it is you're wearing... and she doesn't know you. Wearing glasses... I've never felt more vulnerable.

Having to alter my image after twenty nine years of development didn't sit well but I accepted the challenge because I believed I would look like this:

I don't and I'm deeply concerned that glasses take away from my face. beanHumbled is an article I'll write in 10 years from now when I've bought a house, had a kid and lost what I thought I had The first pair were made by Michael Kors. The same man who designed and encouraged Jessica Simpson to wear this:

I should have known better. I saw my reflection on the way to the car and thought: "These belong in the garbage."If only I'd bought insurance... I could throw them into traffic and get a new pair."

I went from "reckless preppy" to "sarcastic cause I'm sad". Someone offended by everything for no reason. A girl who makes a lot of unnecessary mouth noises who needs you to know how smart she is and how dumb she thinks you are. She wore a lot of beige polo shirts in high school... and headed straight for the washroom during slow songs. You know who I'm talking about. I went back and exchanged them for a cost. These (below) are Ray Bans. I like them but I still can't see.

The doctor says I'll get to get used to it. Everything seeming 3 dimensional... my newly unbalanced peripheral vision and the extreme nausea that comes with it.