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beanWishing | April 2017

It's that time again! Hold your fire and prepare to be horrified. Time for a detailed breakdown of all the things I've beanWishing for.

Zara's Crossbody Bag with Embossed Chain

It's not "vegan leather" and by no means a luxury item. I need a black leather option that I can drink and spend the rest of my life with.

This is 100% a Stella Mcartney "Falabella" knock off because of that it's $1000 less expensive. I hate to support imitation but I'm hard on my things. I have issues with misplacement and funds are limited because of what else is on this list...

Nothing says "I'm a fucking rock star" better than:

Chloe's "Susanna" Boots

These are incredibly hard to find (especially if you're tall with size 9 feet) unless you're actually a rockstar... in which case you already own these boots. The black leather version is easy to find and comes with your choice of gold or silver detail. I want all of them. Just need to sell my soul first.

Tom Ford Cream Cheek Colour

I want to know if his makeup wears like his clothes and if we can hangout later. That's all.

Lululemon's Reveal 7/8 Tight

These are great for random run in (or after) the gym. They're high waisted so you can focus on running, stretching and kicking without the worry of flashing the person working out behind you. They aren't pants. Unless you teach yoga/train for a living do not wear these to the office or on a date. This is workout wear, designed for ventilation not an excuse to gain ten pounds and lose your pride by incorporating workout wear into your daily wardrobe. Call me a bitch... but I'm right. A fourth piercing... in the upper cartilage part of my ear because not everyone wants a tattoo.

I want something made of white gold and diamonds. If you rolled your eyes (for the first time) just now, you're doing really well. If it's not the first time... don't leave me hate in the comments. Finding something as gorgeous as what Sienna Miller wears above is a struggle. Toronto designer, Megan Greco (Lucia Rose) makes gorgeous pieces. If this piercing happens, I'll go to her.

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