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beanMoisturizing | Hair & Skincare | Winter Edition

Northern Ontario is notorious for its harsh winter weather. It's not uncommon for temperatures to fall to -30 degrees celsius (which if you're American is -20 fahrenheit). Winter weather takes a toll on your skin (and for many, on our mental health).

Here are the products I've beanLoving in order to stay hydrated... when all anyone wants to do is have a warm bath, drink and eat treats- none of which is going to help your skin.

An all natural skin care cream that you can use literally anywhere. Yes anywhere ;)

Clients who love a thick, luxurious mask will use it as an over night cream, others are using it as lube. There's no judgement here and yes- it's safe. It will not negatively impact your PH levels.

I suffer from psoriasis and eczema so I love Egyptian Magic for helping my skin heal without chemicals. It doesn't stain my clothes because it doesn't contain petroleum or mineral oil (which will clog your pores). I apply a thing layer of Egyptian Magic on my face after applying my serums at night and after any waxing services.

Hand cream being rubbed into hands

Some like to use this in their hair. I'm not a fan of doing that. The ingredients are derived from living plants and organisms so it won't hurt you but... your hair could look quite oily. Even if applied to the ends or your hair the formula is thick and it would take considerable time to wash out.

The fact that it's natural makes it a perfect choice as a lip balm too.

The inside of your lips is made of mucous membrane, that exists to protect you. It also leads directly to your blood stream. Don't baste your pout in chemicals or un-necessary product, if you're looking to heal chapped lips. It comes in three different sizes making it easy to travel with.

Egyptian Magic doesn't contain coconut oil- which is not something I suggest anyone use -especially not acne prone skin types.

"Oh, but it's natural!" That means nothing to me.

Cocaine (in its purest form) comes from nature... that doesn't mean it's safe, healthy or that you should use it. Coconut oil clogs pores, creates a barrier that blocks the good and bad from absorption and it has been known to raise cholesterol levels if consumed.

I'm not a doctor and I'm not about to tell you what to do with your bodies... but the myth behind coconut oil being a cure all, is B.S

Just like other parts of your body, dead skin cells can build up your scalp. Often times what can look like dandruff isn't fungus at all, it's product build up or severe dryness.

Crafted from all-natural ingredients, this Davines Solu Scrub provides a deep yet delicate cleanse, gently removing impurities and build-up to leave you with an unbeatably clean result.

This paste is made of granules so small and fine they won't scrape your scalp, face or body during use or while it's being rinsed out!

*This product is ideal for city dwellers, it also removes pollution particles to help city-proof your mane. If you have fine hair the last thing you need is product or pollution weighing your hair down.

I wouldn't use this more than once a week because it could be too drying for fine or damaged hair types.

If you're someone who's on their feet a lot, diabetic or prone to dryness or calluses this super hydrating, yet lightweight, mousse with Urea is my absolute fave!

Anyone can use this product.

Footlogix Mousse provides anti-microbial properties that relieve skin irritations and works quickly. I apply the formula at night. It does not stain bedsheets or leave behind any residue.

It's especially helpful for seniors because it's easy to use, absorbs immediately (locking moisture into the skin) and has no offensive odours.

Footlogix Foot Mousse does not smell, look or feel geriatric or medicinal.

Footlogix is known as a nail tech's best friend and a great tool for you to have at home between pedicures.

If you are immune compromised having a crack in your skin can turn into a portal of entry for pathogens that can seriously impact your health and well being.

Pay attention to your feet and the feet of those you care for, they say a lot about your health!

I've tried a lot of different brands but this has been my go to for clients and myself for the past 5 years.

*A before and after photo. These results were seen after 4 weeks of using the mousse once a day.

The key to great exfoliation and maintaining those smooth results is moisture.

You want to nourish the new skin that you've brought to the surface to protect it because it's vulnerable. These masques are concentrated and packed full of hydration.

They are enriched with active ingredients of natural origin that provide a characteristic colour: starting with clays, 100% natural bamboo charcoal and “super food” plants such as:

moringa butter and matcha tea extract, known for their beneficial properties.

The Circle Chronicles are available in a convenient and reusable pocket size, allowing you to mix & match your products and bring everything you need with you wherever life takes you.

If you're sensitive to fragrance the Davines Renaissance Circle Masque is not for you.

Instead try...

This silicone free formula smells of menthol and citrus, its not overwhelming in its fragrance but super nourishing without leaving the hair weighed down after its washed out and dried. I find it best for thick, long, coarse or extremely dry/ brittle hair types. Leave this on for five minutes so it can do its job while you shave your legs or exfoliate your bod and you won't need to fight tangles when you're out of the shower.

The containers are made with materials with recycled PET, while the cartons, where required, are made with FSC paper with no paint or glue to ensure greater biodegradability.

The carbon dioxide emissions deriving from their production are compensated for through reforestation projects

Let's be honest, two years of using sanitizer every day left your hands super dry.

You need to exfoliate dead skin cells off before applying a hand lotion or you will get no where.

Dry cuticles, hang nails and peeling skin hurts and can look unsightly. Here is the solution.

The CND Almond Scrub combines sugar and fine mineral salts to gently polish and soften your skin. The almond oil works to hydrate the new skin being exposed underneath, and it feels so luxurious!

I love this scrub for mature hands.

Massaging the product into your hands helps with circulation and this leads to a supple, more plump effect that we often associate with health and youthfulness.

The results are instant and long lasting.

I'm thirty-four years old and I use this scrub on a weekly basis. I do hair and makeup for a living and I don't want anyone seeing crusty mitts reaching out to their beautiful face.

Everyone's daily routine should include self-care!

For those of you with beards... this tip is for you. A beard oil makes facial hair far less picky and will encourage whoever you're smooching (or whoever you want to smooch) to pucker up!

You can use a beard oil in prep before shaving or after to smooth that unruly hair and have it appear a lot healthier.

The aftershave helps reduce irritation. If you're heavy handed or often rushed consider trying this to prevent bumps from appearing on your skin after shaving your face.

This range was inspired by Italians' love for quality of life and attention to detail, Davines Pasta & Love products help to create a simple, yet pampering routine.


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