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Neuma Beauty Re Neu Shampoo

Neuma Beauty Re Neu Shampoo


Re Neu® Detox Shampoo is a gentle, sulfate-free, clarifying shampoo formula that leaves hair feeling fresh by removing product build-up. Leaves hair clean, fresh, soft-feeling and vibrant.

Aroma: Peppermint and Vanilla

• Water-soluble, sulfate-free* surfactant derived from coconut for the gentlest cleansing possible

• Refreshes and helps remove buildup without drying out hair

• Enhances body and adds shine

• Nourishes and promotes a healthy scalp environment

• Lightweight formula for all hair and scalp types including fine hair and oily hair types

• Great for a deep clean following dry shampoo or styling product use

  • About the Brand

    Neuma Beauty’s clean formulas are 100% non-negotiable. These vegan formulas are powered by Earth-first innovation. They contain no synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals.

    From total ingredient transparency to eco-

    Synthetic Fragrance-Free

    100% Vegan




    Free of 15 Toxic or Questionable Ingredients

    No Artificial Dyes or Colorants

    Wind-Powered Offsets

    100% Recyclable Bottles

    95% Post-Consumer Resin (PCR)

    Promote Paperless Materials & Use Recyclable Materials

  • Key Ingredients

    • Sunflower Seed Oil: Helps provide

    protection against fading while adding

    shine and shielding hair from heat damage.

    • Peppermint Oil: Helps enhance body

    and volume. Helps stimulate the scalp

    and promote circulation encouraging a

    healthy scalp environment.

    • Lavender Oil: Provides soothing

    and smoothing benefits to hair and scalp.

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