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Patrice Boudreau Eye Shadow Blender Brush (Large) #221

Patrice Boudreau Eye Shadow Blender Brush (Large) #221


This is a eye shadow crease defining/blender brush designed for accuracy and precision.

Pro tip: Pick a colour of eye shadow darker than your base shadow to create a deeper more lifted look. The application of a crease colour should be done using only the very tip of this brush gently pressing as the pigment are deposed so you can have a blended effect.

Dare: Create a crease with very iridescent colours... very in!!


All brushes are handmade with an elegant well balanced handle fabricated out of birchwood. The slanted ends of the brushes allow you to pick up creams in a very hygienic way. These brushes have been developed and utilized over years of working in productions from major studios.


Dimension of Bristles Approx: 21mm x 10mm


Designed in Canada by professional makeup artist Patrice Boudreau

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