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A Sample of My Shoe Collection

When I'm headed somewhere work-related I like to look good.

If you're someone who doesn't appreciate brand names and the cost associated with them... it's best you leave now.

Here's the thing, I lead an unusual life.

You never know who might be where I'm going.

Don't believe it? Follow me on Instagram. I'd like to mingle with people like Laura Brown

(Editor-in-Chief of InStyle Magazine) or Meryl Streep .

And, delusional or not I like to feel prepared for these upcoming occasions. I've managed to purchase what you're about to see by working non-stop.

Still, I hope there are drinks and appetizers where I'm going

because there's no money left for groceries. I like a classic, black leather heel but I love a black leather boot:

I'd wear these to a bar with sheer tights, a dress or ripped jeans, a white v-neck tee and a motorcycle jacket. I also love them with cropped, black dress pants, a button-up shirt and tailored blazer. I've been a fan of Rag & Bone since Kate Moss did the Fall 2012 ad campaign. Their "Ashby Ankle Booties" are my idea of timeless fashion.

I show them off by tucking my skinny jeans (or leggings) into the top of the boot. The wide heel, soft leather and almond shaped toe make them incredibly comfortable to wear...

If you'd like to see more in a video or written form leave your thoughts in the comments! Photo Credit: Joe Carcasole Find him on Instagram @joecarca

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