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Patrice Boudreau Large Flat Eye Shadow Brush #200

Patrice Boudreau Large Flat Eye Shadow Brush #200


Large flat eye shadow brush made out of soft and silky natural pony hair.

Pro Tip: The pony hairs are cylindrical and ideal to smoothly transfer dry pigments to the gentle part of the eyelids without abrasion.

Dare: Use this brush to powder the concealer underneath the eyes, the model / actor, will appreciate the softness of this brush.


All brushes are handmade with an elegant well balanced handle fabricated out of birchwood. The slanted ends of the brushes allow you to pick up creams in a very hygienic way. These brushes have been developed and utilized over years of working in productions from major studios.


*The hair might be shorter than what appears in this photo due to re-design*


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