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The Beauty of the Eyelash Tint

There are many reasons why clients love the benefits of having their lashes tinted.

If you work long hours, work in a labour-intensive industry, have allergies to perfumes or dyes or have an oily lid that causes your mascara to bleed and your shadows to crease, this is the service for you!

Eyelash tinting works by darkening your natural lashes and adding definition to your eyes, giving them a captivating allure. The specially formulated tint is safe for the delicate eye area, ensuring a worry-free experience.

My clients love to get their lashes tinted because it allows them to skip the daily hassle of applying and removing mascara and provides a natural and subtle enhancement to the eyes.

If you’re going to book a lash tint, I recommend making an appointment for a lash lift at the same time.

During a lash lift, your lashes are curled with a special perming solution to create a super-lifted, wide-eyed look. The combination of the curl and tint is honestly just as good as extensions.

Tinted lashes are resistant to water, sweat, and tears. Clients can choose a shade that best suits their natural lashes and eye colour. I personally love the blue/black shade to add drama, but intense black is beautiful on everyone, and brown can be very soft and flattering on blondes, redheads and people who are quite pale.

As for how often clients should go for lash tinting, it typically lasts for about 3-5 weeks. However, the duration may vary depending on factors such as lash growth cycle and maintenance.

The process of getting a lash tint typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Each artist is different, but I like to begin with a consultation to determine the client's desired look.

I assess the client's natural lashes and will recommend a suitable tint colour but what matters most is giving the client what they are comfortable with!

I cleanse the eye area to remove any makeup, oil, or debris. I apply protective cotton pads to shield the skin around the eyes. Then, a gentle lash tint dye is carefully applied to the client's lashes using a disposable applicator brush. I ensure the dye is evenly distributed and covers each lash from root to tip.

The tint dye is left on the lashes for a specific amount of time to allow the colour to develop, and during this time, my clients relax with their eyes closed. Once the processing time is complete, I carefully remove the tint dye using a damp cotton pad.

Clients open their eyes to reveal beautifully tinted lashes that appear darker, fuller, and more defined!

**It is important to note that this process may vary depending on the salon or technician's techniques. For safe and effective lash tinting treatments, it is recommended that you choose a reputable and experienced professional.

Don't be afraid to ask an esthetician if they've completed any formal education in Cosmetology. Not all schools teach lash tinting.

I achieved my certification in lash tinting from George Brown College.

Have your beauty professional confirm if they were officially trained and certified in this service.


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