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Disposible Hand Palette

Disposible Hand Palette


The single use (latex free) makeup hand palette allows you to mix makeup on a sterile surface right on the back of your hand.

Mix liquid and cream products with no extra mess or hassle.

Clients will feel reassured knowing that you’re working on a medical-grade surface.

Whether you're a makeup artist or a beauty junkie, this hygienic disposable hand palette is a must-have for all makeup enthusiasts.

50PC per box

  • How to Use

    1. Peel off the back of the makeup hand palette exposing the adhesive. Firmly press the Palette onto the back of your hand where suitable and comfortable for you.

    2. On the Palette face, first peel off the small end as indicated on the diagram. Then peel back the sterile film to expose the makeup palette surface.

    3. Place your cosmetics on top of the sterile surface for use.

    4. Peel off and dispose after use.

  • Specifications

    100% Sterilized medical grade and quality

    Lightly textured finish


    Transfers body heat


    Prevents transmission of bacteria, viruses, sloughed skin, sweat, oil, and hair

    Reduces clean up time

    Latex free

    50 single use makeup hand palettes per box

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