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First Date - Makeup Tutorial

I filmed this first date makeup tutorial when I was single. It's still one of my favourite pieces of content.

I’m not using exactly the same makeup today that I was then but the person watching this video likely won’t be using the exact same products that I use either. This look is for inspiration.

I recommend the same aesthetic today as I did then.

A light, fresh, healthy makeup application is especially gorgeous in spring and summer.

Makeup should look as though its coming through your skin not sitting on top of it.

When applying makeup it’s easy to add more where needed than it is to take back.

Highlighting your favourite features can be done in a subtle way and still have a huge impact.

The best way to achieve this natural aesthetic is to use a light hand and if you have access to it, professional tools and products. You can find great options on our

You don’t need to spend a fortune but you will achieve nicer results and longer wear with select "hero products" rather than a lot of cheap ones. Many people spend more money trying to find inexpensive options (that they dont usually like or use) than they would if they purchased a single professional product. Don't be that person!

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