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A Christmas Gift Guide (For Him)

It's been so long guys! I was away filming for the past nine weeks and I'm behind in all aspects of my life. Thankfully it hasn't stopped me from shopping, researching and receiving!

For reasons (unknown to me) companies have started sending me products for men. Is it because there's a fella in my life who appeared but once on my instagram feed? (Go ahead, look at him!)

The answer is, I'm not sure but he's beanLiking the attention! Here's some of what he enjoyed most and what could be a hit under your trees and in your stockings this holiday season!

Saje Pain Release Analgesic Massage Oil

Get your hands on the one you love with the perfect post-gym, stressful work day treat: a massage! *A little goes a long way even on dry skin types*

Really Great Goods Epsom Salts in "Forever Peace"

It was my Dad (a former athlete and tradesman) who first tried these salts and now swears by them. I love this brand because they're all natural, animal cruelty free and made in Toronto (Canada)!

This scent is great for those who don't like anything to floral but want a clean, relaxing soak to help ease tired feet or tense muscles.

MyPakage Briefs

Men enjoy nice underwear. Yours and their own! These MyPakage briefs are lightweight, extremely comfortable, durable and stylish. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and fit true to size.

The style shown below is the "Apres Plaid" they can be found online and in high end retail stores.

Rosebud Salve Eucalyptus Lip Balm

This Rosebud Salve isn't shinny or tinted! It is extremly hydrating with a universally appealing taste and scent. Eucalyptus is known for it's healing powers and works to help cleanse your body of toxins and microorganisms that can make you feel sick.

It also helps oxygen to get to your lungs and has vital anti-microbial properties. It's tube container is great for travel and for those who prefer not to dip into product or have product on their hands or fingers.

Woody's Beard & Tattoo Oil

My boyfriend started using this oil near the end of July when we began dating. He likes the fact that it's not heavily fragranced and didn't irritate his naturally dry/sensitive skin. I like the fact that his beard was noticably softer within days of using it. Nothing is worse than having your mouth and/or face feel raw after kissing!

One thing your man might not be aware of is how nice it is to run a comb (and clippers) through well conditioned hair. He felt the packaging (its dropper especially) was designed more for looks than functionality (it really doesn't help to control how much oil comes out) but now that his beard is much longer and thicker during the winter months I am continually thankful.

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